Pipeline inspections


Pipeline inspections

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Pipeline inspections

Ultrasonic inspection is finally available for gas pipelines

Halfwave is a leading provider of pipeline inspection services setting a new standard for measurement of wall thickness in gas pipelines.
Our pipeline inspection services are focused on tailoring our patented ART Scan tool to specific customer needs in order to provide a safe, cost efficient solution for pipe inspection.

Our highly experienced team will survey available data to customize the tool for your specific needs,  provide a detailed inspection plan and execute inspection in a timely manner using the advanced ART Scan tool.
Our pipeline inspection services provide:
  • The only direct measurement technology available for gas pipelines
  • Game-changing accuracy and repeatability
  • Ability to inspect thick pipe walls at high speeds, including bends 
  • Ability to penetrate wax and rough pipe surfaces 
  • Reduced production loss 
  • Reduced HSE & financial risk
  • Reduced spending on wasted digs (i.e. digs based on false inspection results)
  • Life-extension of pipelines
  • Cost-efficient inspection of “unpiggable” pipelines

No direct wall thickness measurement has previously been available in gas pipelines.

Halfwave uses patented ART technology that provides high accuracy and robust measurement capabilities. Our in-house developed ART Scan tool is:
  1. Flexible in operation (multi-diameter capability, bi-directional capability, light-weight)
  2. Robust & flexible in ownership (non-contact technology: no wear on key components)

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