ART Overview


ART Overview

ART Overview

ART – core technology patented by Halfwave

Key to Halfwave´s offering is its patented ultra-wideband acoustic inspection technology (ART), giving penetration and measurement capabilities which exceed those of existing inspection technologies.
The company has established ART as a superior technology for pipeline & subsea inspection. Our highly- qualified team continues to focus on exploiting the advantages of ART in the development of innovative inspection solutions.

Although the ART technology is an acoustic measurement, Halfwave have overcome the typical limitations of traditional UTWM measurements:

a) ART does not require a liquid couplant
b) ART can perform inspections through deposits (e.g. wax)
At the same time, Halfwave is able to maintain the main advantages of acoustic measurements over magnetic measurement techniques:

a) The ability to inspect full thickness of heavy wall pipeline
b) Highly accurate sizing of internal and external metal loss features (+/- 0.2 mm)

​Want to know more? Please get in touch through the contact page, we're ready to explain ART in detail.