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Acoustic Resonance Technology on "Forskerfredag at Byscenen"

Halfwave's ART Scan® to be aired on NRK2 tomorrow!
Acoustic Resonance Technology
Scientist Dr. Svein-Erik Måsøy, representing "Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions - CIUS" (hosted by NTNU), has chosen to showcase the ART Scan® technology as part of his participation in the talk show "Forskerfredag på Byscenen" (Research Friday at Byscenen).  
The show was held at Byscenen, Trondheim, on the 29th of September 2017, and will be aired on the 27th of January on the Norwegian broadcasting channel NRK2 at 5.55pm.  
The episode will also be available online after the show at the link below. 

"Forskerfredag på Byscenen" (video timeframe - 42.00 onwards)
More Information on Forskerfredag  på Byscenen event can be found here.