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Halfwave awarded inspection contract by INPEX for the Ichthys LNG Project

890km natural gas transmission pipeline to be inspected
New tool built in 2017, 24-30’’ multi-diameter ART Scan™
Halfwave is pleased to announce the award by INPEX Australia of a long-term contract for multiple in-line inspections. The scope of work includes a custom built 42” Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) Scan™ by Halfwave to inspect the subsea pipeline that requires a low flow subsea launch with high speed inspection of the Ichthys 890 kilometer (km) natural gas transmission pipeline.
The Ichthys LNG Project is located in the Ichthys Field within the northern Browse Basin about 220 km north-west of Western Australia's Kimberley coast, at the western edge of the Timor Sea. During operations, the Ichthys LNG Project is expected to produce up to 8.9 million tonnes of LNG and up to 1.6 million tonnes of LPG per annum and 100,000 barrels of condensate per day at peak, requiring an 890 km pipeline to facilitate export.
 Paul Cooper

Halfwave CEO, Paul Cooper, commented that “Halfwave is very pleased with the award by INPEX and to be a part of the ground breaking Ichthys LNG Project. Halfwave ART capabilities are demonstrating that they are adding value by de-risking challenging inspections and providing market leading inspection performance. Halfwave will continue to work towards expanding our presence in the Australia and global markets.”

The patented ART Scan™ utilizes Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) to perform integrity inspection of pipelines. Wall thickness is measured by analysis of the resonant signal that is emitted from the target, which allows for a direct and accurate measurement of the target thickness. ART can be applied for both in-line inspection and for ROV deployed subsea inspections of pipeline infrastructure. Contact us at sales@halfwave.com for more details.