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Halfwave Lands Inspection Contract for Nord Stream 2

Halfwave has been awarded a contract to design and build 48” ART Scan® in-line inspection tools for Nord Stream 2. The ART Scan® tools will be used to inspect the 48” twin gas pipelines in the Nord Stream 2 project. The length of each of the twin pipelines will be over 1,200 km, representing a challenge well-suited to Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART). The pipeline wall thickness, long range, and high accuracy capabilities of the ART Scan® tools were key factors for selecting this technology solution for the Inspection.
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Nord Stream & Nord Stream 2 pipelines (photo courtesy from Nord Stream 2 AG
Halfwave has been awarded a multi-million euro contract to custom-build ART Scan® tools, which will be used to inspect the new pipelines during the pre-commissioning phase. The ART Scan® tools will have the capability to inspect an entire pipeline in one single run and provide high resolution inspection results.

“This is one of the largest and most exciting contracts that we have been awarded, and we are pleased that Nord Stream 2 AG has recognized the added value the ART technology provides,” said Halfwave CEO Paul Cooper. He believes this contract shows the value that Acoustic Resonance Technology provides and new market opportunities for the technology.

“After a very diligent technology evaluation process, it is very rewarding to be recognized by Nord Stream 2 AG as their leading technology provider and preferred supplier of pipeline inspection services,” said Cooper.

About Halfwave:
Halfwave uses patented ART to perform in-line inspections and external subsea pipeline inspections for operators. Halfwave`s global headquarters is located in Bergen, Norway, the company is primarily owned by Stavanger based, Energy Ventures Private Equity.
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Paul S. Cooper, CEO

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