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Halfwave Secure Contracts from Woodside Australia

Inspections to be carried out in Western Australia in the next two years
30in tool iso1 (1)
30" ART Scan™ for Angel Export Pipeline
Halfwave AS, is proud to announce that it has been awarded two contracts for the provision of pigging inspection services by Woodside Energy Ltd.
These contracts provide pigging inspection services to the Pluto Trunkline and Angel Export Pipeline, offshore in Western Australia.

The Halfwave patented ART Scan™ technology for ultrasonic inspection of natural gas pipelines will be used for the in-line inspection of these pipelines. The ART Scan™ utilizes Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) to perform integrity inspection of pipelines.

Halfwave CEO, Paul Cooper commented that “Woodside are an early adopter of new technology and we look forward to providing our services and working together with Woodside on technically challenging projects. This award provides Halfwave the opportunity to continue building a long-term relationship with Woodside by providing quality, efficient and safe services.”