Subsea inspections


Subsea inspections

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Subsea inspections

Subsea pipelines inspection - cost effective and without introducing an integrity risk

Halfwave provides external inspection of subsea assets including rigid and flexible pipelines, flowlines and risers.
Our unique patented technology and in-house developed tool ARTEMIS enables highly accurate inspection of ‘’unpiggable’’ pipelines and risers.

Our subsea pipeline inspection services are done without the need for subsea field joint coating removal therefore highly reducing integrity risk and cost of inspection operation.

Solving challenges of flexible piping inspection subsea

Over the last decade the oil & gas industry has seen a vast expansion in subsea infrastructure and the use of flexible piping in production. The layered structure of flexible piping has posed challenges to the inspection industry for years. Halfwave has identified Acoustic Resonance Technology as a method to cost effectively non-intrusively inspect Flexible Risers and Flowlines.
Flexible failure mechanisms

The plastic outer sheath of a flexible pipe is designed to maintain a seal against the surrounding sea water, and maintain the integrity of the annulus which contains the structural armour wires. If the outer sheath is breached allowing sea water into the flexible pipes annulus the sea water will mix with the gases in the annulus creating a corrosive atmosphere that may cause the flexible pipe to fail. The ARTEMIS™ technology has the ability to identify and characterize the medium within the annulus, evaluate the condition of the outer sheath and provide structural information that allows the operator to better understand the integrity status of the flexible piping.
Read more about ARTEMIS - the tool that’s revolutionizing subsea pipeline inspection services. 
ARTEMIS - the only high-resolution inspection technology able to cost effectively penetrate thick subsea coating - avoiding coating removal thus typically cuts project costs in half, enabling a highly accurate inspection of “unpiggable” pipelines & risers