36’’ Australian Pipeline Inspection, September 2014

36" Gas export line, inspected with full data collection, at very high gas velocities
36’’ Australian Pipeline Inspection
  • 36’’ carbon steel pipeline
  • 182 km
  • Inspection in multiphase flow conditions
  • High speeds: 5 - 8 m/s
  • Offshore launch  and onshore receive
  • 24-44 mm wall thickness
  • Inspection operation at 100 – 70 bar
  • Key Integrity threat: internal corrosion 

The ART Scan™ tool was selected for this inspection, since ART Scan™ does not need speed control and has the ability to measure to full wall thickness at speed.
  • No HSE incidents
  • Full inspection of the line with high accuracy data collection
  • ART Scan functioned without any sensor loss from launch to receive
  • No reduction in flow with speed ranging from 5,2 to 8,2 meters per second.
  • The inspection pushed out 3 000 m3 liquid (this was a 5 km column in the line).
  • Significant cost saving: full production was maintained during the ILI
  • The next project was awarded by Woodside to Halfwave, which has since been completed