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Half Wave

42’’ Bi-directional Inspection, Australia

A bi-directional inspection helped out an Australian operator
42’’ Bi-directional Inspection
  • 42’’ Offshore gas export pipeline
  • 135 km
  • Onshore launch & receive
  • 24 – 44 mm wall thickness
  • Inspection operation at 50-60 bar
  • High risk area: shore crossing
  • Subsea launch was challenging for operational reasons

Halfwave converted an ART Scan™ tool for bidirectional operations. The tool was launched from the onshore receiver, and reversed into the pipeline using Nitrogen. Once in the correct position, the tool's direction was reversed by venting the Nitrogen at the pig receiver.
  • No HSE incidents
  • Design, build and testing phase completed to budget and within time schedule
  • Full data collection was achieved, and tool functioned according to specification
  • The project was dedicated an award for excellence


​This project demonstrates the bidirectional capabilities of the ART Scan™ system. This capability, together with the multi-diameter options, and wye-passing experience, demonstrates that ART Scan™ is the platform of choice for the inspection of challenging lines.