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Halfwave multi-diameter inspection technology is state of the ART

ART Scan - the solution for your multi-diameter pipeline inspection.
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ART Scan passing a 42x28 inch pipe section
Inspection of multi-diameter pipelines with large changes in diameter has always been a challenge for pipeline operators. Before ART Scan™ these inspections have been extremely challenging, with very limited tools suited to run through different diameters.
ART Scan™, a highly innovative and adaptable tool, is currently one of a few solutions available which successfully addresses the multi-diameter inspection challenge. Although ART Scan™ is a relatively new ILI technology, it has already undergone extensive validation and has performed numerous dual-diameter inspections.
ART Scan™ uses acoustic resonance technology (ART) and is built to include a unique non-contact sensor design. The tools are able to inspect with large standoff between the sensors and the pipe wall. This makes it the ideal technology to inspect changing diameter pipeline, and suitable for the passage through flexible connections.
ART Scan™ itself is flexible as it has been built with centralizing wheels that collapse in the narrowest of pipes and expand in larger diameters. The tool has been deployed in several dual-diameter inspections including; 20x24”, 24x30”, 34x36”, in pipelines over 600 km long, as well as wet gas pipelines, with high liquid dropout and pipelines that requires subsea launch. ART Scan™ has already been adapted for 16x24x28” and 28x42”, with inspections scheduled. A single run of the ART Scan™ tool provides a full set of metal loss data (sized to sub-millimetre accuracy) and also a complete geometry survey including dents, out-of-straightness and ovality.
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