ART Overview


ART Overview

ART Overview

What is Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART)?

Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) is a non-destructive testing method that uses low frequency, ultra-wideband acoustic measurement technology to generate highly accurate pipeline wall thickness data. It is the only direct measurement technology available for both oil and gas pipelines. The direct nature of the ART inspection technique is a significant improvement to the detection, classification and sizing of shallow internal wall loss, mid-wall and external defects as a result of corrosion, cracks and deformation. With these insights derived from accurate data, pipeline operators receive all the information they need to take the right corrective action for their asset.

How Acoustic Resonance Technology works
- An ultra-wideband pulse signal (400 kHz – 1.2 MHz) is transmitted towards the target (Figure 3a)
- At the target the signal is both reflected and transmitted into the target (Figure 3b)
- The target starts to resonate at frequencies characteristic of its thickness (Figure 3b)
- When the pulse has passed, the target continues to resonate (Figure 3c)
- The resonant signal is emitted from the target (Figure 3c)
- Measuring this signal allows direct and accurate measurement of the target thickness with high repeatability

The Benefits of Acoustic Resonance Technology for Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection
The key benefits of using acoustic resonance technology for in-line and subsea oil and gas pipeline inspection are:
- More accurate that traditional magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic thickness measurement techniques (ART sizes corrosion with a depth accuracy of ±0.25 mm)
- Reduces time and cost of inspection
- Reduces money spent on unnecessary maintenance
- Improves pipeline integrity management
- Detects coating disbondment

Acoustic Resonance Technology solutions for oil and gas pipelines

Halfwave’s Acoustic Resonance Technology  pipeline inspection solutions are tailored to meet customer needs and provides is an accurate, safe, cost efficient solution that puts value back into integrity management programs:

ART Scan™ is Halfwave’s patented ultra-wideband in-line inspection tool. It provides the highest wall thickness detection and accuracy specification available today for subsea pipelines.

To learn more, check out our latest ART Scan flyer or contact us for detailed information and specifications sheets.