ART Scan

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ART Scan

ART Scan brings ultrasonic inspection to gas pipelines

Key benefits:
  1. Direct measurement technology > more information for better decision making:
    High accuracy  – providing dramatic reduction on wasted digs.
    ART Scan works in gas lines without liquid couplant
    ​ART Scan works in liquid lines without stringent cleaning
  2. Robust measurement capabilities > expanding inspection capabilities:
    Ability to inspect thick walls gas pipeline at high speeds
    Penetration of wax & rough pipe surfaces
    Integrated WT Mapping, Geometry and IMU in one run
  3. Flexible in operation > reduced inspection time:
    Multidiameter capability
    Bidirectional capability
We have several tools which will cover a wide diameter range, such as 16" – 26" or 28" – 42".
With the non-contact sensors ART Scan™ provides a full internal geometry survey of dents, buckles, out-of-straightness and ovality.  All of these geometrical features are also sized to +/- 0.2 mm. This additional information is specifically important if it coincides with metal loss as it has a direct impact to the safe working pressure of any defects.

To learn more, check out our latest ART Scan flyer or contact us for detailed information and specifications sheets.