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ARTEMIS - making pipeline inspection through thick subsea coating possible

ARTEMIS is a ROV-mountable inspection tool developed by Halfwave for external inspection of subsea assets including rigid and flexible pipelines, flowlines and risers. ARTEMIS can be installed on most lightweight ROV's, allowing for easy deployment.
  • The only high-resolution inspection technology able to penetrate thick subsea coating
  • No coating removal required – cutting project costs in half
  • Enabling highly accurate inspection of “unpiggable” risers & flowlines
  • Enabling inspection of flexible risers & flowlines – a key sought-after solution in the industry
ARTEMIS can be used for inspection of:
  • Rigid pipelines, flowlines & risers 
  • Wall loss
  • Flooded member detection
  • Coating disbondment
  • Flexible flowlines & risers 
  • Annulus testing
  • Armor wire integrity
  • Outer sheath integrity